A little bit about Holly…

I help people reclaim their creativity — through storytelling. My dad is a gifted water color artist who never received encouragement from his own family to pursue his gifts, so early in my childhood, I vowed to follow the instinct to create with words and help others do the same, especially those who have lost their voice. I studied journalism with the hope of becoming a foreign correspondent but a few things happened along the way that literally knocked me on the road to becoming a novelist.

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HPayne_1728x2592Early Influences
besides brothers, swim practice, and Shel Silverstein

I wanted to be an interior designer in third grade. What kid browses Better Homes and Gardens outside the dentist office? I later realized I could do both and become an architect, but “back then” studying architecture required talent in math and I loved poetry too much too turn my passion toward numbers. Over the years; however, I’ve realized architecture and storytelling have a lot in common. In graduate school, I studied film and screenwriting and began my obsession with story or ‘narrative’ design.

Now I’m plagued by the pursuit of understanding the inner workings of a story and the power it can have on other people to transform and inspire. Stories come to me in flashes and a series of questions that help me work forward and backward from that initial vision to discover the full story. It’s a little bit like working out a theorem, so in the end, I never escaped the math.(Thank you,  Mr. Grant. Your tenth grade geometry class proved quite valuable.) It’s all there even when there are only words.

Just in case, the formal bio:

Holly Lynn Payne is an internationally published novelist in ten countries whose work has been translated into eight languages. Dutton/Plume published her first two novels, The Sound of Blue and The Virgin’s Knot, her debut novel, selected as a Discover Great New Writers and Border’s Original Voices book. Her third book, Kingdom of Simplicity was nominated for a national book award in Belgium and was named to the mandatory reading list in Ghent. It has also published in the Netherlands, Taiwan and China, and is the winner of a Marin Arts Council Grant, first place winner of a Benjamin Franklin Award 2010 and won Grand Prize for the Writers Digest Self-Published Book Awards 2011. Payne studied journalism at the University of Richmond, where she received a Distinguished Alumni Award in 2010. She earned a MFA from University of Southern California and has taught throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, serving on the faculty at the Academy of Art University, California College of the Arts and Stanford. She lives in Northern California with her young daughter, and serves the literary community as a writing coach, publishing strategist and volunteer producer for Litquake. When she’s not writing or coaching other writers, she enjoys getting dirty on a mountain bike and studying integrative and holistic medicine. In 2013, she earned a master’s certification in intuition medicine and is licensed to practice Intuition Medicine in California. She is currently a PhD candidate for a doctorate in integrative and holistic medicine with an emphasis on creativity and consciousness at Energy Medicine University.